Twisted X

Twisted X Steel-Toe Work Boots

Twisted X men’s driving moccasins have a steel-toe or composite-toe option, which provides you with adequate and lightweight protection from heavy objects upon impact. Driving moccasins have a softer leather bottom and more durable outsole with larger rubber panels and nubs. These features provide you with extra grip and flexibility while driving and extend the life of your Twisted X work boot. Driving moccasins ensure comfort and flexibility, which is important for driving performance while on the road for long hours between job sites. For other brands and styles, check out all of our men's steel toe boots for work.

Additionally, we offer a Twisted X steel-toe work boot that provides more durability over driving moccasins. Twisted X steel-toe boots are crafted with a special EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) midsole to create a lighter and flatter midsole. These boots can be worn on workdays when you may not be as at-risk in your work environment. Steel-toe reinforcement provides you the reassurance that your feet will remain protected in all work-related situations, while the lighter-weight design of driving moccasins allows for casual comfort. Our selection of Twisted X boots are all slip-resistant, moisture-wicking and antibacterial, and they have a washable molded footbed to provide you with safety and comfort all day.