Wrangler FR Jeans

As a tried and true brand, Wrangler is trusted by almost every hardworking person in both urban and rural workplaces. Its traditional denim is tough enough for the hardiest cowboys, so Wrangler also offers you its FR blue jeans. From slim fit to carpenter styles, Wrangler flame resistant jeans look like comfortable weekend pants. However, any workplace mishaps involving flames won't be a problem when you wear Wrangler FR denim jeans on a regular basis.

Select several Wrangler fire retardant jeans to wear as you find your perfect fit. Simply match your inseam and waist size to Wrangler's products, and you have pants for every day of the week. Even try out their lightweight product line. You still retain all the protection of normal flame resistant clothing, but with less strain on your body. All jeans come with ample pockets and belt loops to give you functionality with each step.