FR Jackets

Women's Flame-Resistant Jackets

Winter is on the way, so warm FR jackets are a necessity in many workplaces. Whether you work in the oil industry or manufacturing warehouses, temperatures dip extremely low during working hours. Hardworking women need a jacket that's both functional and comfortable during 8- to 10-hour shifts.

Women's flame-resistant jackets come in Carhartt brown, which can be further customized with embroidered logos and employee names. Try a navy-blue hue if your company wants to stand out on the job. Elastic cuffs and hemlines ensure that these ladies’ fire-retardant jackets are safe under the most hazardous of conditions. Sparks and heat won't work their way through these materials. Verify compliance with NFPA 2112/HRC 3 with labels sewn right into the jackets. Women's Carhartt FR jackets are designed with tough industries in mind. Outfit everyone on staff with these coats to see productivity rise during the coldest days of winter.