Bulwark Flame Resistant Jackets and Coats

Bulwark flame resistant jackets and coats are engineered to give the level of protection that suits professionals from a variety of trades, from petrochemical and electric utility industries to foundry and general labor. Specialty Bulwark FR coats also include lab coats which are widely used for laboratory research purposes. For top brands, check out our Carhartt jackets.

Safety along with reliable environmental protection is the main, but not the only, focus of the Bulwark outwear design and manufacturing process. Other functional features of Bulwark jackets include comfort and durability. That comes possible due to the specifications of used materials. EXCEL FR fabrics are manufactured with 100 percent cotton, which along with ultimate flame resistance gives better softness and comfort. Bulwark FR jackets manufactured with enhanced EXCEL FR ComforTouch, where cotton is blended with 12 percent of nylon, provide a higher level of durability.

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