FR Cinch Work Shirts

For the days that you need to dress up but still want to be comfortable enough to get your job done, Cinch has a wide selection of FR work shirts. All flame retardant Cinch dress shirts are made from 7.5 oz 100% cotton twill to meet the need for safe FR clothing in the workplace. Protect yourself from any extreme work conditions, heat or sparks when you dress yourself in a flame resistant Cinch work shirt. For other styles and brands, check out our other FR work shirts.

We offer a wide selection of Cinch shirts because they are high quality and affordable. The fire retardant Cinch work shirts are nothing short of exceptional. Shop through a variety of colors ranging from bright solids to classic plaids that will match any pair of pants or shoes. Customize and label your shirts with the Cinch embroidery option. Fill your closet with clothing from a brand that knows how to work. Order your button up FR work shirt today!