The Biggest Names in FR Jackets

FR Depot offers the most trusted brands of FR jackets to suit your needs and budget. From Carhartt flame resistant jackets to flame retardant jackets by Bulwark and Lapco, FR Depot’s complete stock of fire resistant jackets in every size and style. Whether your work is in oil and gas, electric utilities, manufacturing or any other field where you encounter flames or electrical arcs, your safety is as much our priority as it is yours. For top brands, check out our Carhartt jackets.

Is budget your primary concern? Our Rasco FRC jackets offer affordability without compromising quality. Rosco coats and jackets are made from 100% FR cotton, although they do not offer the same protection from the elements as lined jackets by Carhartt, Bulwark and Lapco. Regardless of your needs, however, FR Depot’s complete selection of flame resistant jackets is certain to offer the right fit for you. Browse our online catalog and use our secure online shopping cart or call us at 281-241-8414 to complete your order.