FR Shirts

Fire Retardant Shirts for Women

When you’re on the job, you need clothing that can keep up with the hard work you put in. Uncomfortable t-shirts can really get in the way, especially when you’re doing manual labor. But with our FR tops for women, you never have to worry about that holding you back. All of our women’s FR shirts are lightweight, breathable and soft, so you can push through the day without feeling uncomfortable. In fact, our women’s flame resistant shirts are so comfortable that even when you’re done with your job, you can keep one on and enjoy the rest of your day in it! Choose between colors and styles and find the right fit for your personalized needs.

At FR Depot, there’s nothing we appreciate more than a hardworking individual, and with our high-quality FR t-shirts, fast shipping and affordable prices, we know our products will help get the job done.