Lapco FR Pants

Safety on the job is a must, so fill up your closet with Lapco FR pants. Available in several styles, these Lapco work pants are both functional and comfortable. They move along with you, which can't be said about most FR clothing. Select from your favorite designs, including cargo and uniform, and head off to work. You'll always be compliant wearing these Lapco fire-resistant pants.

FR Depot's products offer dozens of sizes to serve every blue-collar worker. Lapco flame-retardant pants should fit snugly around the waist with enough elasticity to give you leeway during bending, flexing and turning. Working long shifts in any industry is tough on the mind and body. Protect your legs and rely on the integrated pockets to keep those tiny items handy. Every pant comes with high-quality stitching and materials. Concentrate on work and not the hazards as you confidently wear FR pants.