Comfortable Lapco FR Overalls

Working hard on the job is often reflected on your clothes. That's why Lapco has designed their fire retardant bib overalls with distinct colors. Brown, navy blue and gray are the overalls offered by this manufacturer because they know you might get grease and dirt all over them. As a result, your dirty work clothes will conceal their blemishes until you wash them.

The Lapco fire resistant bib overalls have Nomex materials dotting their connection points. Seams and pocket edges use Nomex materials to keep you safe on the job. Even the seams themselves have triple stitches, so that they don't unravel when you're hard at work. Lapco's insulated FR bibs also take your comfort into consideration. The suspender straps are angled just right, so that your Lapco FR overalls aren't hindering any physical movements. You'll have complete mobility when moving about on a job site.