Flame Retardant Lapco Dress Shirt

Your safety and security are top priorities in a tough workplace. This is the reason we carry work-ready Lapco FR dress shirts. Made with 100 percent flame resistant cotton twill and integrated with a Moisture Management finish to keep you cool and sweat-free, these long sleeve Lapco work shirts are a dressier alternative to more traditional pull-over work gear. Varying in style and color, you have many options to choose from including Western-style Lapco FR work shirts with pearl-snap buttons and a camouflage patterned button-up. Whatever your preference might be, you can rest assured these fire resistant shirts are safe with an HRC 2 ARC rating of an 8.7. For other styles and brands, check out our other FR work shirts.

If you need to appear more professional in the work place or you simply prefer the feel of a button-up Lapco work shirt for your particular workload, we have what you are searching for! We even offer embroidery options for unique personalization for a small fee.