Wrangler Flame Resistant Pants

When it comes to FR carpenter pants, every inch of the design must be safety oriented. Luckily, Wrangler takes its tough cowboy designs and alters them for the industrial workplace. In fact, fire retardant Wrangler carpenter pants have so many safety features that workers will be amazed at their durability through tough workdays. Specialized stitching, reinforced back pockets and other details make these pants a must-have for hardworking individuals.

Wrangler Riggs flame resistant pants come with an outside ID area for high visibility that can't be missed. It's bright orange, and it contributes to Wrangler's dedication to safety. Wrangler also understands that workers can be on the job for more than the standard eight hours, so they incorporate a relaxed fit into every pant design. Wrangler Riggs FR carpenter pants are meant to keep you comfortable and safe with high-quality work as the result.