Carhartt Coats & Jackets FR

Warm up with a selection of Carhartt FR jackets for your closet. Choose from various colors, including brown and black, with several pocket designs. Carhartt flame resistant jackets are designed for safety, but they also take your comfort into consideration. Many of these Carhartt winter coats come with quilted features that help insulate your body on the coldest days. A Carhartt Duck Active jacket only improves your work as winter's cold remains safely away from your torso.

Pick a Carhartt Quilt Lined jacket with or without a hood. The cuffs have elastic or button snaps for your comfort as well. Every Carhartt Duck coat can be customized with your business logo. Safety stitching, zippers and buttons are hallmarks of every Carhartt Duck jacket, so pick a design that suits you. Heading out to work won't be a chilly frustration anymore.