FR Accessories

FR Hats, Aprons & Other Accessories

Flame resistant accessories offered here at FR Depot include items that add safety and comfort to your work environment. Products include a line of reversible welding caps made by Rasco from 100 percent fire retardant cotton. They can be worn forward or backwards with equal ease and come in a variety of colors. Sizes range from 6 to 8 1/8. Depending on the particular shape of your head you can order either short crown or high crown caps.

Also for welding and other activities where fire, arcing or sparks are involved, the Rasco Fire Resistant Apron is a great accessory and comes in a 42" length to provide plenty of coverage. Available in khaki, this FR apron has an ATPV rating of 12.50, HRC 2. It's made from 100 percent fire resistive cotton.

A complete collection of other protective accessories is available from Carhartt, Bulwark and Lapco. The Carhartt 3-piece fire resistive hood is a 13-oz, all cotton duck, quilt-lined attachment to be worn in conjunction with their FR outerwear. There are two models, both of which feature FR chin protection with a secure loop and hook closure. Bulwark also offers a flame resistant hood made from treated cotton/nylon and designed to fit over your hardhat. It keeps you warm, dry and safe. Other items in this category include flame retardant hat liners and face masks, knitted FR balaclavas, fire retardant umbrellas and a couple of durable, waterproofed, leather-like vinyl offshore bags.