Wolverine Fire-Resistant Long-Sleeve Shirts for Men

Wolverine is a well-known brand that pioneered in the market with durable yet comfortable clothing designed for the working man. So it comes as no surprise that our line of long-sleeve Wolverine shirts are made from the highest-quality aramid FR fibers. Aramid fibers feature high heat resistance that lasts, exceptional resistance to abrasion and an unparalleled mildew resistance, all of which combine to deliver a Wolverine FR shirt capable of withstanding even the toughest work environments. With over 135 years of industry experience, Wolverine continues to manufacture highly practical Wolverine fire-resistant shirts. Take, for example, our Wolverine Miter Tee, available in black, red and blue, which features a layered one-piece look to suit the modern working man. Shop from our line of fire-resistant shirts by Wolverine today! For other FR T-shirts from top brands, check out our Ariat shirts and Carhartt FR shirts.

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