Women's FR Pants

Your shirt and jacket might be set for your workday, but you need a reliable pair of flame resistant pants too. Lapco offers those hardworking women a flattering look with its HRC2 FR pants. Pick three pants from Lapco's collection so that you can alternate the various colors throughout the week. Enjoy khaki, navy and gray women’s FR pants that have a comfortable mid-rise waist and several length choices.

Another tough product line that's sure to please the hardest working woman is Carhartt. Choose between black or khaki ladies’ FR work pants that are flattering on any shape. Protect your legs and hips with this canvas pant that also includes a helpful cellphone pocket. These women’s fire retardant pants also come with arc-resistant button closures and zippers. You'll always be safe on the job as you wear these fire retardant pants that fit well with almost any work shirt or jacket.

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