Safety Glasses

Clear-Lens & Work Safety Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes with work safety glasses is a top priority in any industry. There may not be any obvious hazards around you now, but surprises from around the corner are possible. Keep your eyes protected with work safety glasses. These stylish glasses aren't those old-fashioned types that you recall from decades ago. Choose from a variety of models, including Parallax safety glasses, so that your personality shines through with your cautious nature.

Discomfort isn't part of the game with today's styles. Comfortable safety glasses offer rubber edging along the nose support and back behind the ears. CrossFire safety glasses are examples of flexible models that still stay put as you go about your workday. Consider two different types of lenses too. Clear-lens safety glasses are designed for indoor use. Take them outdoors on a cloudy day as well. If you're planning on working for an hour or more in the hot sun, try safety sunglasses. The tinted lenses protect your eyes even further with UV coatings.