Hard Hats

Construction Hard Hats & Helmets

The oil and construction industries are the most common places where you'll see safety gear, including the all-important construction hard hat. Explore our inventory of work hard hats because this gear isn't just a yellow or orange accessory anymore. A Skullgard hard hat might match your department's color or company's trademark hue. Add a Skullgard cap hat to your gear to see your protection and comfort increase. Today's construction hard hats aren't awkward on your head anymore. For more FR accessories to stay safe, check out our work safety glasses.

Any hardworking professional needs an MSA hard hat cap to be on the job site. Our hard hats are so comfortable you may barely feel the cap on your head as you go about your day. For those workers who carefully connect metal sheeting together, a welding hard hat is a must. Every task has a unique hat that protects your skull from any issues. Browse hard hats from top brands, including Skullgard, Radians and Serpent.