FR Rasco Henleys

When you’re out on the job and working hard, you want to stay cool and avoid overheating. Our fire retardant Rasco henley is lightweight and airy to keep you cool and comfortable. Unlike other FR work shirts, the long sleeve henley shirt is not restrictive and allows you to swiftly move throughout the tasks of your day, even with sleeved arms. Rasco, as a brand, provides high quality FR clothing that is designed with both functionality and safety in mind. That’s why the Rasco henley shirts can be worn over and over again without being damaged or falling apart. For fr shirts designed to provide both comfort and protection, check out our full selection of henley work shirts from top brands.

All of our flame resistant Rasco henleys are made with 100% FR cotton and has an ATPV rating of 10.50 CAL/CM^2, and an HRC 2 hazard classification. Each shirt comes with a left side pocket and three buttons at the top. Choose between a variety of colors ranging from white, grey, tan, camo and more! Customize your FR Rasco henley for your work when you order today!