Bulwark Coveralls Flame Resistant

Consider FR Bulwark coveralls for your next project.Basic overalls just won't work for some hazardous work situations, such as during welding. These clothing items cover your legs, torso and arms. Some of these insulated coveralls even accommodate an attached hood for ultimate protection.

Depending on the Bulwark flame resistant coveralls, there could be up to 7 pockets. There are no worries about these pockets being problems on the job site because they have strong snaps and flaps. Strong and reliable Nomex covers many seams near those pockets too, so you know safety is a top priority from this manufacturer. Because everyone has a preferred size for their coveralls, Bulwark provides you with several sizes to choose from. You simply need to know your inseam length to pick the right product. When you have the perfect size picked out, be sure to add a company name to the order for the ultimate personalized coverall look.