TWISTED X Men's Lite Cowboy Lacer Workboot (Waterproof)

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Twisted X Steel-Toe Cowboy Work Boots

Twisted X’s Lite Cowboy Lacer Workboot is a durable and lightweight steel-toe work shoe. This Twisted X steel-toe work boot provides more protection, support and safety over driving moccasins. For workdays with more potential for at-risk scenarios and more demanding work, these lace-up work boots are the perfect pair for you. Safety measures are continually enhanced by a supportive XSD insole that maximizes fit and stability while ensuring all-day comfort. Twisted X’s laced cowboy work boots can be easily adjusted, tightened and secured to ensure that their fit is perfect.

Twisted X’s Lite Cowboy Lacer Workboots have moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties. These properties, paired with waterproofing, make these boots ideal for work done indoors or outdoors. Waterproof lacer cowboy boots can be worn safely outdoors while remaining durable and effective in the rain and mud. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort with these Twisted X steel-toe boots, as they are designed with a special EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) midsole. This EVA midsole is not only lighter and flatter with extra grip but also helps decrease the weight by 15 percent when compared to the original Cowboy Workboot and helps prevent the feeling of heavy and tired feet.

  • ASTMF 2413-11 I75 C75
  • EH RATING: ASTMF 2829-11