Lapco Flame Resistant Coveralls

It's not necessary to sacrifice your comfort for a safe work outfit. Lapco FR coveralls come in a wide variety of colors, so that you can recharge your look each day at work. In fact, some companies even color coordinate their workers using Lapco flame resistant coveralls. Simply choose a color and a leg length to get started on your next purchase.

The key to a great pair of insulated contractor coveralls is the weight. Typically, you'll wear these items for 8 or more hours a day. During that time period, your body will normally succumb to fatigue with heavier garments. However, these fire retardant cotton overalls are merely 7 ounces. You'll barely feel the material as you go about your day. When injury is imminent, you'll be safely covered by this unique material. Your coveralls will take the brunt of any mishap.