Hard Hat Sweatbands & FR Bandanas

Keeping the sweat out of your eyes is a job for headbands, bandanas and sweatbands. However, you can't wear just any material. You might work in the oil or construction industries. What you need is a flame resistant bandana. Explore some of the products that make a difference in your workday. Consider beige or navy-blue terry cloth sweatbands. They fit right into your hard hat so that you can keep working without any sweat hindering your progress. Construction hard hat sweatbands don’t just absorb sweat either. The EZ-Cool material offers a cooling mechanism on hot days. Heat stress is no problem for you with this clever tool under your hard hat. For more FR accessories to stay safe, check out our work safety glasses.

FR bandanas are another method for cooling down. They're safe to use in any volatile environment where fire risk is present. Place FR head ties under your hard hat, or wrap the bandana around your neck to absorb moisture. Wherever you can secure the fire resistant bandana, it makes a difference in your physical comfort. A hard hat sweatband is your best friend on hot days. Keeping the sweat at bay refreshes the mind and body as you remain productive and safe on the job.


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