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Insulated FR Hoods

Wearing a hood might be commonplace in your industry, especially around sparks and hot temperatures. Consider an FR hood for your daily wear. Its design is meant to keep you protected and comfortable at the same time. Working outdoors will involve some cold days or nights. An FR winter liner and FR beanie could be just the solution to your needs. Most hoods cover your neck, and some extend down onto your chest. A hard hat winter liner is a perfect addition to your gear when subzero temperatures are in the forecast. For more FR accessories to stay safe, check out our work safety glasses.

Aside from adding an insulated hard hat liner to your wardrobe, think about more serious coverage. An FR balaclava hood protects nearly every inch of your head, neck and face and blocks high winds. When it comes to adding a fire retardant hood to your uniform, be mindful of your daily tasks. FR work hoods should be easy to wear and move around in for eight to 10 hours at a time.