Tony Lama

Tony Lama Work Boots

Tony Lama work boots have been in production since 1911 and have become one of the most recognized Western boots in the industry. These Tony Lama work boots still have the Western style, but with more safety worked into the design. Try on these waterproof work boots and never have wet feet again on the job. If you're constantly in and out of puddles or other wet areas, get your feet into these boots to really feel productivity soar. For other brands and styles, check out all of our men's steel toe boots for work.

For average safety, try on safety composite toe work boots. These boots use a lightweight composite material to protect the toes while adding in a comfortable insole for long work days. Some jobs require more toe and foot safety, so pull on Tony Lama steel toe work boots. Nothing will injure your toes with these sturdy boots leading the way.