Flame Resistant Pants for the Workplace

You work hard every day. You remain focused on doing things accurately and steadily. You do not have time to be worried about the integrity of your work clothes and with your serious line of employment being preoccupied with your attire should be the last thing on your mind. The good news is that we offer FR pants of all styles and cuts from FR khaki pants to FR carpenter pants to get the job done right while keeping you safe. Need a certain brand? We carry Rasco, Wrangler and Carhartt in a variety of colors from navy to brown.

Our FR work pants are made with exact specifications depending on your preference and the specific job that you do on a daily basis. From triple-stitched seams to multiple pockets to hold your tools, these pants stand strong against any potential harm to your body and are NFPA 70E compliant. Safe guard your well-being and order today!