Lab Coats

Bulwark Flame Resistant Lab Coats

Working in a laboratory environment requires protective clothing for a myriad of experiments. Wearing a Bulwark lab coat is the solution to your gear needs. Wear either a navy or light-blue coat that offers buttons down the length of the material. You can even choose concealed snaps on your flame resistant lab coat. Each coat comes with comfortable styling along the arms with side vents to keep you cool. Bulwark laboratory jackets balance comfort with functionality as you test hazardous materials throughout the day.

Your FR lab coat can also be embroidered with a company name or logo. Wearing this fire resistant lab coat each day may be necessary, so purchase more than one to alternate colors. Wash the coats at home or with your employer because they require only machine washing. At FR Depot, ease of use and safety are our top priorities every day.