Bulwark FR Jeans

Wearing your favorite jeans to work isn't a pipe dream anymore. Bulwark work jeans are fully compliant at the strictest of job site safety standards. Select from dark or light denim styles. Consider a canvas hue for your Bulwark FR jeans too. They're designed for busy workspaces so you can look professional while feeling as comfortable as possible. Focus on your important work while forgetting about any hazards that might face your lower body.

FR Depot knows you need functionality with your work clothing. Bulwark flame resistant jeans come with four oversized pockets along with a rule pocket, depending on the style. Don't worry about shrinkage after purchase either because these Bulwark fire retardant jeans are pre-washed for your convenience. Specialized cotton feels soft against your skin while protecting you from heat, sparks and chemical agents. Bulwark jeans were designed with your hard work in mind.