Cinch WRX FR Clothing

Cinch fire resistant clothing originally started off as a western wear shirts and jeans manufacturer with a well-earned reputation for comfort, style and durable quality. Cinch FR clothing was later introduced to provide apparel for hard-working men and women whose daily activities involved some sort of risk from flames or sparks, such as factory workers, utility workers, and those involved in the oil or natural gas industries. Cinch workwear not only looks good but is made to work as hard as those wearing it. Cinch jeans remain the official jean for the High School Rodeo Association as well as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, and their toughness and durability has transferred itself to the line of WRX FRC clothing you'll find here at FR Depot.

The Cinch WRX products offered here include fire resistant jeans and shirts. Every FR Cinch WRX item found here is rated CAT/HRC-2, ATPV 9.6, 2112. This includes eight styles of jeans and 21 shirt types. You'll find Cinch FRC 1/4-zip pullovers, long-sleeved Tees, long-sleeved Henleys, geometric print work shirts, long-sleeved Raglan shirts, plus solid and plaid button-downs.

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