Wrangler FR Jackets

The Wrangler name conjures up thoughts of cowboys and tough clothing for the outdoors. This manufacturer also specializes in flame-resistant coats. Feel the comfort and safety of Wrangler FR jackets while being in style at the same time. The Wrangler name sits prominently on the chest pocket, but there's still room for a company name or logo. Attractive lines and stitching are the hallmarks of these Wrangler FR jackets for men. For top brands, check out our Carhartt jackets.

Work long hours in the outdoors with these Wrangler fire-resistant jackets because they move with your body. The main fabric self-extinguishes if a spark catches you by surprise. Burns and heat-related injuries are almost impossible when these jackets are zipped up during the working hours. Many industries demand flame-resistant materials like those manufactured by the Wrangler brand. Order several of these coats so your crew is ready for anything as the day unfolds.

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