Rasco Flame Retardant Bib Overalls

Rasco flame retardant bib overalls have earned recognition across many industries, be it a full-sized oil and gas enterprise or a mom-and-pop auto repair shop. They provide a sufficient level of comfort and durability as well as safety required for many types of jobs. The protective capability of Rasco FR bibs varies from HRC2 to HRC3. Basic models have level 2 compliance, and Rasco insulated overalls comply with level 3 hazardous situations. Insulated bib overalls are not only a great feature for those who need an extra level of safety, but also for those who work in weather and industrial temperature extremities. The insulation is made with modacrylic blend and is quilted with twill lining. Rasco bib overalls are easy to put on with ankle to above the knee leg zippers. Three popular color options are available - navy, brown duck and blue denim jeans. Maintain a reliable lower body protection shield with Rasco FR bib overalls and stay safe and warm while doing work that matters!

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