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Rasco FR Welding Umbrella Anchor Rasco FR Welding Umbrella Anchor

Style# FR7928

Our Price: $36.99
Rasco FR Welding Umbrella Tripod Rasco FR Welding Umbrella Tripod

Style# FR7828

Our Price: $124.99
Lapco Umbrella Stand Lapco Umbrella Stand


Our Price: $151.99
Rasco Orange FR Welding umbrella Rasco Orange FR Welding Umbrella

Style# FR7727OR

Our Price: $177.99

Lapco 7' Orange FR Work Umbrella Lapco Orange FR Umbrella


Our Price: $215.99

Fire Retardant Construction Umbrellas

Working in the sun is a challenge for any worker. The task at hand might be difficult, and the sun's rays can have an impact on your skin. To ease the sun's impact, FR umbrellas are a perfect accessory on your truck or jobsite. Set up the work umbrella in the morning. Pay attention to the angle of the sun because the construction umbrella can be adjusted to create as much shade as possible throughout the day. Not just for sun protection, however, these fire-resistant work umbrellas are able to withstand hazardous work environments with ease. So whether you are looking for a construction or welding umbrella, we have a strong selection to meet your needs.

Be seen in the field with a fire retardant umbrella in either orange or red colors. If you're in a protected area, such as a designated jobsite, a navy-blue heat-resistant umbrella is appropriate. Each fire-resistant umbrella will quickly pop open, then fold down at day's end. From a Rasco umbrella to a Lapco umbrella, you have several name-brand industrial umbrella choices as you determine the best product for your work site. FR umbrellas also can be used in rainy conditions. Don’t settle for anything less. At FR Depot, we have the best fire-resistant work umbrellas at fantastic prices!