Wolverine FR Clothing

From high-quality shirts that are double-dipped in FR treatment and made to be extremely lightweight and comfortable to hooded FR jackets that incorporate every fire safety feature on the market, Wolverine workwear has been an industry leader for more than a century. Founded in 1883 as a producer of gloves and boots known for being both tough and comfortable, Wolverine was manufacturing as many as 300 boots per day in their Rockford, Michigan, factory by 1903. They were also the first to bring electricity to that town. Wolverine is all-American, still headquartered in Michigan after their 135+ years in business.

Wolverine FR clothing is dubbed “FireZero” and, here at FR Depot, we're proud to be a Wolverine FRC outlet that's able to provide you with these world-class fire and flame resistant garments and footwear at very competitive prices. The FireZero FR apparel line extends from work shirts and jackets to Henleys, sweatshirts and hoodies. You have your choice of numerous colors and all the popular sizes, and most come with the option of embroidery.