Rasco Fire Retardant Jeans

Industrial workers understand that their clothing is always a consideration when being fire safe. That's why experienced workers choose Rasco denim for their daily outfits. If any fires arise near the worker, their Rasco flame resistant jeans give him or her enough time to move out of harm's way. Select from carpenter, basic denim or prewashed jean styles to refresh your appearance and improve your safety on the job.

Rasco FR jeans have plenty of pockets to hold all those important tools, especially when you purchase the carpenter-style jeans. All Rasco fire retardant jeans have a deep blue hue that works with nearly any work shirt. Workers can even select pre-washed denim to avoid any fading that might occur with subsequent washes. Fire retardant features will never wash out of these jeans, so wearing them on a frequent basis only makes you safer with each workday.

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