Cinch Fire Retardant Jeans

There never seem to be enough pockets in your favorite jeans, but that's not the case with Cinch FR jeans. Every worker needs some pocket access for small items, so Cinch fire retardant jeans make that possible with their innovative denim design. Large back pockets are perfect for pens and phones, with handy front pockets designed for almost any item. FR jeans are required at many industrial workplaces, so stand out from the crowd with stylish Cinch flame resistant jeans.

Cinch offers their denim in white, blue or green label styles. You'll notice that back pockets are slightly off-center on the green label pants to make access easier. White label products center their back pockets and have extra belt loops to keep those Cinch WRX Flame Resistant jeans on your hips. Even pick carpenter jeans for ultimate utility functionality and comfort.

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