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Fire Resistant Bags

For some workers, jobs require travel from location to location. You spend several days and nights at one site before moving to the next, so packing a bag is mandatory. Keep up with safety standards by adding a fire retardant vinyl bag to your personal gear. These FR bags come in a variety of colors. Try a camouflage or black fire resistant bag. You'll be able to spot these FR duffel bags as you travel to offshore locations. Misplacing your bag or airport baggage claim mix-up is no longer an issue.

Consider a top name in fire-resistant gear, such as Lapco vinyl offshore bags. These sturdy bags are designed to hold all of your gear without any flammable concerns. A fire retardant travel bag can also have your name embroidered onto it for identification purposes. FR duffel bags can be attractive and functional as you head out to your assignment each quarter.